Jenkins and convergence

Jenkins gives several examples of “media convergence”, where old and new media collide, that it occurs within the brains of individual consumers and their social interaction with others, and my favorite, telecocooning.

To define media, he referred to Lisa Gitelman”s model of two levels. First a technology that enables communication and second, a medium is a set of associated “protocols” or social and cultural practices that have grown up around that technology. The Delivery systems are continuously changes, side by side with technology.

I found the reading long and misunderstood most of it. It was during the  discussion that the article started to come together. And some of the statements hit home. As uneducated as I am when it come to the internet, on Facebook I have friends, not only across the country, but around the world. I could be way off on this but I am classifying the media as, Down Syndrome and the delivery system as the internet.

Is that anywhere near close?



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